Cross-Platform is the Name of the Game

New advances in cross-platform gaming will provide huge opportunities for mobile social game developers. Will we see radical new social game design as well? Is this the beginning of an important  new paradigm shift in the social gaming world?

First, Scoreloop announces support for Microsoft Windows 7 mobile platform. Articles and analysis from:

VentureBeat ” Scoreloop creates middleware that developers use to add social features to their games such as leaderboards, challenges, or virtual currency. By using Scoreloop’s software development kit, developers can create games that run on Windows Phone 7 and have access to the same social features that users have on Scoreloop’s other platforms. “ ” The news will also raise players’ hopes that a genuine all-platform mobile gaming service could be on the horizon.”

Second, OpenFeint announces support for multiple mobile platforms.  Articles and analysis from: ” It’s only natural for mobile social games to head in this direction. Facebook is a multiplatform service available on every browser out there and Flash–the primary tool for creating social games on computers–is compatible with them all as well. ”

Switched ” Even Facebook games could potentially connect to OpenFeint. This move makes a ton of sense, considering the way successful iOS games like Angry Birds have been ported to Android, Mac and Windows. ”

Lastly, Game Closure, a new game development platform for designing cross-platform games is highlighted by TechCrunch.

” Game Closure is a smart new game development environment and SDK that makes it easy to create, host, and deploy HTML5-based cross-platform, multiplayer games, starting with iOS, Android, and Facebook. “

Video: Gavriel Slate, CTO of TransGaming


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