EA Monopolizes Facebook Social Gaming

EA brings Monopoly to Facebook in the form of Monopoly Millionaires, a digital version of the game with many of same features as the original board game. They also are launching on a bunch of other platforms. Will one of the best original “social”board games monopolize social gaming? Articles and analysis from:

The Street (Press Release) ” Fans of MONOPOLY can connect with all their Facebook friends and family around the world to experience the never ending fun of building the biggest and best boards and amassing millions in MONOPOLY money.

CBS MoneyWatch (includes video) ” Players learn to spot value, like the reliable cash flow from the Baltic and Mediterranean properties just past Go, and they learn the risks of bootstrapping into high-priced properties like Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Pacific avenues. “

MCV ” The news comes following the release of Monopoly Streets on Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii and DS late last year. A version of Monopoly is also available on iPhone, Kindle, Windows Phone 7 and Android platforms. “


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