Mickey Mouse…Hatchet Man

Heads roll at Disney as the company pivots away from console gaming to online, social and mobile initiatives. Articles and analysis by:

VentureBeat  ”  The news is the latest sign that games are undergoing a transformation, with a lot of revenue and attention shifting from traditional console games to the new markets of Facebook and iPhone games, where the content is aimed at casual players, or those who play in short bursts in contrasts to hardcore console gamers who spent hours in front of the TV. ”

CNBC ” Disney declined to disclose how many people were affected by the move, but sources cited numbers of anywhere from 30 percent to half of the unit.”

cnet ” In October, the executive became co-president of Disney Interactive Media Group, alongside former Yahoo executive James Pitaro. They replaced Steve Wadsworth, who stepped down in September as head of the group, which handles all facets of the company’s game exploits.”


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