Social Games are DOOMed

VentureBeat reports that RockYou! has signed a deal with the co-founders of the legendary “Doom” video game. id Software co-founders John Romero and Tom Hall have created a new social games company called Loot Drop. Additional articles and analysis by:

Escapist MagazineRomero and Hall have a long history together, beginning at id and running through Ion Storm, Monkeystone Games and Midway. But that doesn’t explain why two pioneers of the guns-n-guts school of gaming are so determined to make some noise in the casual-social arena.” ” Based in Austin, Texas, Hall will serve as Loot Drop’s studio head and game designer. Romero will not work as chief executive of Loot Drop, but will leave that job up to Robert Sirotek who has released 150 games over 26 years through his company, Sir-Tech “

Gamasutra ” After working with LOLapps, another social game firm, to design and release Ravenwood Fair, John Romero helped set up Loot Drop in Austin. “


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