Fish Where the Fish Are

Brand marketers are starting to allocate serious dollars to advertising within social games. With engagement metrics that are off the chart,  are social games becoming part of the growing trend to bypass traditional media and go direct to the consumer? Articles and analysis from: ” For advertisers, the high degree of engagement offered by social games, and the relationship between the games and social network within which they sit, is crucial, as Pfende explains.”

InsideFacebook ” Advertising through television, print, display, or search ads online might get your brand in front of potential customers for a few seconds, but social game integrations can translate into hours of exposure per user.”

nmincite ” Game developers such as Zynga and Cie Games are opening up to advertisers in big ways —  even making advertisers’ products critical components of gameplay.  Shrewd marketers recognize the potential in social gaming engagement, game developers see the value to consumers and media companies see dollar signs, it’s an advertising platform in the making.”

eMarketer  ” Still, the diverse appeal and sharing aspects of social games have created multiple opportunities for marketers to use this channel as a branding vehicle. ”




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