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California based Kabam! gets a serious injection of capital in the form of $30 Million. Funding will be used to expand its multiplayer social gaming strategy. Articles and analysis from:

VentureBeat ” The company’s ability to raise a big round from investors such as Redpoint Ventures and Intel Capital shows that social gaming is still hot as a start-up investment, even though many of its biggest winners, such as Zynga, are consolidating their hold on the market. But now the investments are moving into market niches where there is less competition from the big players. ”

TechCrunch ” Kabam tries to differentiate from other social game developers by shying away from so-called casual games, putting more focus on games that appeal to a core gamer demographic…”

Inside Social Games ” In the typical online strategy setup, players split onto different “shards”, or worlds run on separate servers. Thus multiplayer games can scale from a handful to a few thousand players, but not over that number. Chou thinks Kabam can figure out how to create a single, persistent world containing all its players, though.”

BusinessWire (press release) ” Kabam, which has grown from 20 employees at the beginning of 2010 to over 200 today, has recently added studios in San Francisco and China, to its Redwood City headquarters, and is actively hiring to fuel further growth.

 Kingom of Camelot trailer


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