DeadHeads invade Facebook

The iconic rock band the Grateful Dead will have a social gaming environment created on Facebook, their website and other portals and platforms. Green Pyramid not included. Articles and analysis from:

Rolling Stone ” Accessible via the band’s official website (, Facebook and online game portals, it will feature a range of games and activities that draw upon popular characters, settings and motifs from the Grateful Dead canon.” ” Curious Sense CEO Adam Blumenthal has a bit to say about how it will all unfold. “Players will explore a Grateful Dead-themed world comprised of many types of games, earning points for game play and points for other ways of participating in the Grateful Dead experience,” he said. “

Forbes “ A basic version of the game will be available free of charge, but there are several potential revenue streams. These include subscriptions or membership for a yet-to-be-determined fee, as well as international syndication. “

The Grateful Dead – Shakedown Street


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