Meet the Flockers

Zynga has acquired social browser Flock in what looks to be a strategic move to beef up their cross-platform capabilities. Articles and analysis from:

CNN Money ” Flock integrates services like YouTube, Digg, Facebook, and Twitter into the browser, along with baked-in tools for editing blogs and uploading photos.” ” That said, Zynga is all about social media and social media on the desktop still relies on the browser for delivery. This is a move that makes sense as it might give zynga it’s own complete platform with browser and games.”

The Atlantic ” After installing Flock, your browser includes a sidebar that streams updates and comments from your friends on Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and a handful of other existing, popular networks. You can also set the browser to display feeds from some of your favorites websites and blogs. ”

TechCrunch ” This is Zynga’s eighth acquisition in as many months: XPD in Beijing (May), Challenge Games in Austin (June), Unoh Games in Tokyo (August), Conduit Labs in Boston (August), Dextrose AG in Frankfurt (September), Bonfire Studios in Dallas (October) and Newtoy Inc. in McKinney, Texas (December). Lots of acquisitions, and lots of hiring. ”

Introductory video of Flock that discusses their competitor “RockMelt” and the fact that its built on Chrome……hmmm.


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