Battle for the Planet of the Pod

EA’s release of its popular POGO Games app on the iOS platform (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) signals the all out battle against rival Zynga for social game leadership on the uber-popular mobile devices. Articles and analysis from:

InformationWeek ” The announcement reflects an overlapping mobile gaming strategy between EA and Zynga. Both are offering games linked to legacy titles already familiar to many people. For example, Pogo previously released Scrabble, licensed from Hasbro, for the iPhone, while Zynga’s purchase of Newtoy gives it a similar game, called Words With Friends. EA also licenses a mobile version of Monopoly from Hasbro, while Newtoy offers Chess with Friends.”

Gamasutra ” There’s not a lot of meat on any of the new Pogo arms right now. The iPhone app has just five games. The Facebook version has 10. But EA plans to use the new branches as launch platforms for new franchises that will eventually go cross-platform. ”

FinancialTimes ” It allows developers to add Game Center functionality to their apps and players to choose them from within the hub and share their experiences with friends. Social features include leaderboards and achievements, while an auto-matching feature can set up multiplayer games with friends.”

InfoMobile ” Ngmoco was an early social gaming hit on iOS and it was recently acquired for more than $400 million. Look for that company to also make a big push for mobile social games.”

 Video: Part 1 of the “Life of a Game” series.


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