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Is mobile the future of social gaming?  Articles, videos and analysis by:

eMarketer  ” Mobile internet and gaming are more widespread in Japan than the US but DeNA thinks that they have a solid chance of duplicating success across the Pacific, snapping up US-based mobile game developers Gameview Studios, Astro Ape Studios and ngmoco. “

Mobile Entertainment – DeNA CEO Tomoko Namba discusses mobile social gaming and their recent acquisition of ngmoco. From the article:

” Namba said she is “very proud” of DeNA’s acquisition of ngmoco, and that the deal has gone “very well” since closing earlier this year.” – Zynga Senior Vice President David Ko talks about Zynga’s mobile strategy. From the article:

” Ko talked about the opportunity in mobile for “more localized experiences,” which may hint at the company’s interest in developing more location-based products.”

Mobile Entertainment – Anther article about Zynga Senior Vice President David Ko talking about Zynga’s mobile strategy. From the article:

” Zynga is launching its FarmVille game in Japan as a ‘mobile-first experience’. Ko says it’s part of the company’s new focus on international rollouts.”

UPDATE: 12/15/2010 – Gamasutra reports that Pocket Gems has raised $5 Million round for mobile game platform.

UPDATE: 1/10/2011 Mobile Entertainment reports on Team Lava’s plans regarding social gaming.

UPDATE: 1/10/2011 Gamasutra reports that Wild Needle raised $2.5 Million for their mobile social games strategy.

GOSUB60’s VP of Production Sean Thompson discusses the future of Mobile Gaming and the iPad. – Video by MobileDeluxeTV.


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