Business Insider has an interesting article by CEO Geoff Cook.  Cook predicts the continued decline of asynchronous games such as FarmVille and the rise of “synchronous” social games that are played in real-time with other people online. From the article:

” In the next 12-24 months, I expect to see dramatic innovation in synchronous games – both on and off Facebook. As social games stop being rewarded for exploiting viral channels and as CPI arbitrage evaporates in the face of increasing acquisition costs, games will become more interesting. ”

In related news, RockYou has acquired 3D social games developer TirNua. RockYou is betting that social gamers will begin migrating to games with higher quality graphics and more advanced gameplay. Articles and analysis from:

VentureBeat ” RockYou believes its 3D engine can be used to create synchronous games, or those that can be played in real time, or with instantaneous reactions. Real-time games are popular on the PC and on consoles, but they often run too slow on Facebook. That was the case for City of Eternals, a real-time vampire game published by Ohai earlier this year.”
Gamasutra ” RockYou announced its acquisition of TirNua, which developed a 3D social game engine that the company intends to use for several of its next generation Facebook games launching in 2011.”

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