The Game from Ipanema

The Wall Street Journal reports that social gaming company “Vostu” has obtained additional funding to continue expansion in the Brazillian market. From the article.

” Vostu has become to Brazil what Zynga, the creator of the inescapable Farmville game on Facebook, is to the U.S. market. Vostu’s biggest game is Mini Fazenda, a Farmville-like game that lets players cultivate virtual crops. “

VentureBeat ” Latin America, including Brazil, also shows a lot of promise. Accel was also an investor in Playfish and Tiger Global, a hedge fund, also has holdings in Zynga. In the past six months, Vostu has raised $50 million. Vostu’s other backers include Intel Capital and General Catalyst. “

Video of Mini Fazenda


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  1. I’ve never really liked farmville 😦

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