The Next Social Network

Ngmoco (recently acquired for $400 Million by DeNA) unveils plans for its mobile gaming social network. Will the next big social network emerge when people begin playing social games on the Ngmoco network  via their smartphones? Articles and analysis from:

CNN  ” Developers making games for Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android platforms will be able to tie into the service, called Mobage — pronounced “moe-bah-gay.” The network is slated to launch sometime next year.” ” Pronounced “Moe-ba-gay,”Mobage will be the smartphone extension of DeNA’s already successful Mobage Town mobile network in Japan, which is home to 20 million plus users. “

Gamasutra  ” Ngmoco publishes some of the most popular social games on the iPhone, including We Rule, Godfinger, Rolando and the Touch Pets series.”

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