Yahoo gets in the Game

Yahoo has begun integrating Zynga’s social games into various components of its platform. Is the expansion from social networks like Facebook and MySpace to other platforms the next phase in social gaming? Articles and analysis from:

Los Angeles Times ” Users can now play and share games such as Mafia Wars and Fishville across Yahoo’s homepage, games site, e-mail and messenger system. The new relationship doesn’t affect Zynga’s current set-up with Facebook, which involves millions of faithful gamers. “

VentureBeat ” Back in the spring, Facebook shut down some of its viral channels for promoting games on its social network in the name of reducing spam. That caused a huge drop of tens of millions of users for Zynga’s games, which counted on the free messages as a marketing device.”

MediaPost “ Presently, Mafia Wars has more than 23 million monthly active users, while FishVille has a more modest 6 million. In the name of diversification, Zynga also created the web site, and took FarmVille to MSN Games — only to withdraw the offering for undisclosed reasons.” ” Eventually, it would make sense for Zynga to allow its players to access their original accounts across any platform, but it appears that the company is just testing the waters with Yahoo.”


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