Smurfs invade Social Games

Capcom unleashes “The Smurf’s Village” on the iPhone and iPad. Articles and analysis from:

AppTapper ” Papa Smurf guides you along the first few levels, but then you can talk with the various well known Smurfs who will all interact with you in some way. There’s also minigames, such as shaking the device to help create potions. This certainly help diversify gameplay.”

GamersDailyNews “ Players can also share the experience with their friends by linking their account to Facebook.”

TapScape ” In the midst of the population growth, the game incorporates some decent mini games. You can bake cookies in the bakery or shake to create potions, for example, but all of these experience point building experiences can only be played every now and then.”

UPDATE: Smurfs dethrone Angry Birds for Top iPhone game from Mashable

Video from Slide to Play



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