Let the “Gamification” Begin!

The concept of integrating gaming mechanics into everything from education to health care is called “gamification” and is going to be one of the hottest topics in 2011. Below is an ongoing collection of articles related to the topic.

Good “Gamification” overview video

Chris O’Brien of the San Jose Mercury news has written an excellent article entitled, “Get Ready for the Decade of Gamification”. From the article:

Gamification really came into its own thanks to the phenomenal success of social games like “FarmVille,” the Zynga game that has attracted millions of users who help each other build their virtual farms. Developers across the Web began studying the underlying behaviors for those playing “FarmVille” and wondering how to apply that dynamic to increase the engagement with their own websites and services.”

NewMediaAge discusses how brands can integrate gamification strategies into their marketing plans. From the article:

” By merging the consumer engagement and interactive qualities of social networks with the brands, products and entertainment properties consumers love, social gaming offers a much more powerful opportunity for developing long-term connections with consumers.”

Silicon.com discusses brands and gamification. From the article:

” The ‘gamification’ of online services could even extend to interactive display ads – extending the lifespan of the humble MPU ad unit in the process, according to Neil Morris, director of innovation at marketing agency Engine.”

Interpret is a technology and entertainment research firm that recently released a report called” gCommerce: The Gamification of eCommerce

PrNewsWire – Press Release

O’Reiley Radar discusses Gaming and education. From the article:

” Gamification, by contrast, doesn’t rely on internal motivation. Instead, it’s using the oldest tricks in the book: providing instantaneous feedback, egging on the competition, and rewarding even tiny steps of progress.”

nebusiness.co.uk discusses the formation of a new gaming/social networking company focused on the educational marketplace in the UK.  From the article:

” Students are presented with a virtual schoolyard where they are encouraged to discuss a range of issues that affect them, from day-to-day items such as non-uniform days to how classes can be improved.”

MIT Technology Review discusses the gamification strategies used by consulting firm “Big Door” to help their clients gamify their websites. From the article:

” The guys at BigDoor are trying to build a platform that powers game mechanics for any site or app, and they recognized early on that this isn’t as simple as just adding badges to your site and calling it good.”

PR-USA.Net Press Release

Link to the Big Door demo video here

Memeburn discusses the uses of gamification for online publishers.

A (contrarian) analysis of the power of gamification is analyzed by Fastcodesign.com with a link to the original presentation slides.

UPDATE: 12/11/2010 – ZDNet provides an article about gamification of e-books and e-readers

UPDATEL: 1/12/2011 – 2011 Gamification Summit homepage.

Google Tech Talk: Fun is the Future: Mastering Gamification


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