Megamind invades FarmVille

Social gaming giant Zynga hooks up with Dreamworks Animation for a 24 hour promotion of the new feature film, Megamind. Articles and analysis by:

The Hollywood Reporter ” Seeking to leverage Zynga’s reach, DWA will integrate Megamind into Zynga’s most popular game FarmVille, which boasts 17 million daily and 56 million monthly active users worldwide. Zynga’s games are available on such social networks as Facebook and MySpace.”

The Vancouver Sun ” Two special items will be available to those who visit Megamind’s farm, a special “Mega-Grow” formula which helps players to instantly grow crops without wilting and a collectable decorative item for players to feature in their very own farms. ”  

Forbes “ For Zynga, this will be the company’s first in-game integration with a feature film, as well as first-ever global ad campaign.”

Reuters ” Zynga late last year ran a weeklong campaign with Universal Studios in social game Mafia Wars in support of the Blu-ray and DVD release of “Public Enemies.” Zynga also has done FarmVille integrations with the likes of McDonald’s and Farmers Insurance.”

The HD Trailer


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