Super “Mertado”

Social Shopping application developer Mertado brings their platform to social gaming and creates the killer widget, an online “in-game” video deal that saves you money on an online purchase AND gives you a virtual currency kickback. Can you say…”wave of the future”? Articles by:

TechCrunch ” Mertado is a bit like a Groupon for retail goods — every day it presents you with a handful of items available at a discount price, with deals on things like digital picture frames, tote bags, and those As-Seen-On-TV gadgets that you’d never think of buying on your own but are actually pretty useful.”

VentureBeat ” Co-founder and chief executive Vijay Chittoor said that Mertado’s biggest audience so far consists of 30- to 60-year-old women, and that some of those women turn into really loyal fans. In the last two months, some customers have made more than 20 purchases, he said.”

InsideSocialGames ” Mertado’s sales widget can fit in anywhere in a game. A developer could hide it away with other offers, or provide a direct link from a virtual item in the game”

BusinessWire (Press Release)  ” Based on Mertado’s patent-pending platform, the Embedded Shopping application enables partners such as Gamador and to showcase unique products to their users at great prices—without users having to click-through to another site to browse or complete the transaction.”


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