Is Intel getting into the Game?

Intel may be entering the mobile social gaming marketplace by investing in OpenFeint. Articles and analysis from:

UPDATE: Rumors confirmed. Intel drops $3 Million into funding round for OpenFeint. Updated articles from:

InformationWeek ” The chipmaker announced Thursday that it has joined the second round of funding for the Burlingame, Calif.-based company. Aurora Feint makes the OpenFeint platform that the company says powers 3,400 games for more than 45 million mobile gamers.”

The New York Times ” Lisa Lambert, vice president of Intel Capital, said the company was looking to “to build software ecosystems around our platforms. That is a huge part of our strategy over all.” ” OpenFeint said the cash will be used to help support multiple smartphone and tablet platforms as it provides game developers services and tools for free that help them create a community of users around their game titles.”

San Francisco Chronicle ” The investment would fit into Intel’s recent obsession with mobile devices, which present a threat to its traditional business of providing chips for personal computers and laptops. “ ” Home to popular mobile games like Pocket God and Mega Jump, the platform allows for social media integration for free in games on mobile devices that otherwise wouldn’t have access.”


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