Trends in Social Gaming breaks down “Five things you need to know about Social Games” as discussed by various panels at the Game Developer’s Conference Online in Austin. From the article:

” Social gaming (on Facebook and otherwise) played a major role in the conference, with a series of sessions devoted to the topic”

Gamasutra provides a very interesting article called “The State of Social in Social Games”.  From the article:

” These observations seem to signal that designing social games means moving from designing social interactions to designing social distractions. Yet social games thrive on social networking platforms for a reason. Should their sociality, then, be judged with the criteria of social context and how it contributes to the social experience, instead of evaluating the social in gameplay?”

Reuters has an article analyzing the strategies of the big three (Zynga, Playdom and Playfish)

” Social gaming is just barely old enough to be called an industry, but already the battle lines are emerging between major players Zynga, Playdom and Playfish.”

Backyard Monsters game overview video by Frisky Mongoose.


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