Mobile Social Games Wreaking Havoc

A new study by mobile analystics firm Flurry Analytics reveals that mobile social games have audiences as large as popular TV Shows and may be running programs such as Soap Operas out of business. Articles and analysis by:

MediaPost Publications ” Flurry provided its findings in the wake of online speculation that social games have played a part in the demise of daytime television viewing. CBS in August aired the last episode of “As the World Turns,” the Procter & Gamble production that has been running for more than 50 years.” ” When television is competing with mobile social games for viewers, you know this industry is more than a fad. “

InformationWeek ” Noting that app viewing occurs every day throughout the year, in contrast to the typical 22 episode season of leading TV shows, Farago argues that iOS advertisers can reach a larger audience than most TV shows, with greater frequency.”

CNET “Games running on Apple’s iOS are starting to match prime-time television shows in overall consumption, a new study from Flurry Analytics claims.”


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