McDonald’s invades FarmVille for a day. Brand marketing campaign orchestrated by AppSavvy. Articles and analysis from:

VatorNews ” Users who visit the farm can help grow tomato and mustard seed crops and, in turn, receive an in-game reward called a FarmVille McCafe Consumable. The Consumable lets players move around their farms at double speed.”

Adotas ” Companies, especially in the CPG arena, are experimenting more with FarmVille branding — in July, General Mills’ Cascadian Farms introduced branded organic blueberries for the virtual farmer who will only grow virtual organic products.”

BrandChannel ” The exposure for McDonald’s is huge. “Joining forces with FarmVille is an incredible opportunity for us to engage with millions of players in the most popular social game,” said Anja Carroll, Director of Media, McDonald’s USA.”

Promo Magazine ” Research suggests that more than 56 million Americans now play social games online, either over the Web or within social networks such as Facebook. As that number grows, brands are becoming more interesting both in in-game marketing opportunities and in taking part in the sales of virtual goods within those games.”


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