Parallel Kingdom combines Real with Virtual

PerBlue is the developer of Parallel Kingdom, a mobile social game where you battle friends for control of the virtual neighborhood that “parallel’s” the real world. Articles and analysis from:

The Next Web ” PK as a game combines the real world with a digital landscape that sits on top of your town. As you play the game, you and your GPS enabled phone slowly take over your real neighborhood inside the game, making sure that if your friends are playing, you will compete against them.”

Frisky Mongoose ” PerBlue’s Parallel Kingdom is free to download and play, and just recently surpassed 200,000 active player accounts. In the game, you may also purchase additional currency, called Food which allows you to access certain features.”

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel ” Location-based games are “white hot” because of the popularity of social media outlets such as Foursquare, Gowalla and Booyah, said Richard Kain, general manager of TriplePoint PR and a San Francisco-area angel investor who participated in the funding round.”

Video: Getting around


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