Mashable has an interesting article including videos about a new online multi-player game called “MineCraft“. Is MineCraft the next Second Life or the next generation in social gaming….or is it both? From the article:

Beyond Minecraft’s engrossing mechanics and the story of its rise, there’s something else unique about the game: It’s not finished. In fact, it’s still in “Alpha” mode, and is constantly being updated and improved by its lone Swedish developer Markus Persson, known as “Notch” to his legions of online fans.

FoxNews Minecraft‘s success is all the more remarkable for a game focussed less on pretty graphics or content and more on just letting players build stuff out of blocks. “

Wired ” The survival mode forces players to utilize their time wisely: building up a defense during the day so that they can withstand an onslaught of monsters during the night. “


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