Is “Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures” the next generation of social gaming? Articles and analysis from:

The Examiner ” Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is obviously meant to be a one-stop extension the show and Sony Online and LucasArts are making sure that the kids are covered in every aspect of social gaming. There’s the obligatory avatar customization, chat, friend list, and interaction within Clone Wars-themed environments.”

GameRant ” We already know how addictive casual games can be (my mother spends an average of 2 hours a night playing flash games), Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is at its core a collection of mini games spanning a dozen different genres – so it’s possible the game will appeal to casual players and Star Wars fans alike.”

USA Today ” To celebrate its 1 million mark, the game will offer players a limited edition, in-game Golden Mouse Droid pet. Players can bring their new pets to an in-game virtual party, the first in a series of weekly live events”

The Toronto Star ” While it’s free to play, you can choose to pay a $6/month fee to unlock all features and levels, plus you can buy Star Wars goodies via micro-transactions.”

The Trailer for the game


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