200 Million and Counting

Facebook reveals that 200 Million people use its platform to play social games. Articles and analysis by:

Forbes ” But clearly, there are people who are addicted to Facebook games, as Farmville’s more than 60 million monthly active users can attest to. Not only do games help Facebook keep a large segment of its population coming back, they are also an increasingly important source of revenue.”

VentureBeat ” The company is planning to announce today it will make changes to its its News Feed, the system which displays updates from friends, so that aficionados of social games like Zynga’s FarmVille can receive more notifications about their friends’ gameplay.”

CNET ” Facebook is calling this new system “smart bookmarks,” and the algorithm for defining what shows up there is fairly simple. What Facebook does is keep track of the number of days within the last 30 days that you’ve visited or used applications. It then puts them in order automatically.”


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