Football on Facebook

EA Sports leverages their PlayFish acquisition to launch their infamous video game franchise Madden NFL as a social game on Facebook.

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Vator News ” EA is currently the second-largest publisher of Facebook based games, by number of active monthly users. They have about 54.9 million people. Zynga, the raining champion of Facebook games has a whopping 227 million active users each month.”

Los Angeles Times ” Like most of Playfish’s other games, players can advance by spending “practice” time in the game to improve their teams or spending money, between $1.20 and $12, to acquire high-scoring athletes.”

Associated Press ” The game lets players create fantasy teams featuring more than 1,500 current NFL players from this year’s team rosters. The fantasy teams compete with one another on Facebook. Or, they can play against fantasy versions of the season’s actual NFL teams”

EXTRA! Game Blend reports that Arkadium partners with the New York Jets to create new “Ultimate Fan” social game on Facebook.


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