Almost 60 Million Americans play Social Games

The NPD Group provides research data that indicates that close to 20% of people online have played a social game in the past three months. Articles and analysis from:

Forbes ” The report found that only 35% of social gamers had never played a videogame before — certainly a large percentage, made up of mostly females and older age groups , but one that shows that social games are catching on with more traditional gamers as well.”

Barron’s The report also finds that 10% of social network gamers have spent money playing the games. ”

CNET ” Offline gaming may be taking a hit too, as 20 percent of the respondents said they’ve spent less time on other games since playing social-network games.”

Mashable ” Virtual goods and currencies are a huge part of the social gaming market, and they turn a casual user experience into big business for the startups, developers and platforms that offer them”


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