Will Zynga’s Snoop Dogg stunt Sizzle or Fizzle?

Zynga makes good on their promise to blow up an armored truck outside of Vegas when Mafia Wars: Vegas surpassed 10 million users. To top it off they brought in Snoop Dogg for more sizzle. Can you say marketing bonanzizzle? Articles by:

CNET ” And the number of people willing to pay real money for virtual accessories in aquarium, farm, and frontier homestead games has apparently won Zynga sufficient financial security to hire a rapper, a lot of explosives, and a truck that won’t be getting returned to its owner in one piece.”

All Hip Hop ” In order for the truck to be detonated, 10 million Mafia Wars players must unite to take down the “Hill Brothers,” who opened a fictional casino in Las Vegas as part of the game.”

USA Today ” As of Wednesday, 10 million had visited Mafia Wars: Las Vegas, the fifth city launched in the game. Players have been active, having done 3 billion “jobs” there including 30 million fights and 600 million robberies.”

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