Bigger in Japan

Japanese mobile social gaming company DeNA announces whopping revenues of $279 Million for the first quarter of 2010. Articles and analysis by:

Gamasutra ” Thanks to internally developed and third-party titles, DeNa’s social segment made up 84 percent, or $234 million, of the operator’s total revenue for the quarter. Avatar related sales in Mobage-town during Q1 2010 accounted for another $29 million of that total.”

TechCrunch ” DeNA’s first quarter earnings were fueled by its entry into the American market and debut on iPhones in 2010, an increase in the number of social and mobile game titles it sold, and ongoing growth in its sales of social and mobile games and avatars in Japan.”

VentureBeat ” DeNA also plans to launch a PC-based social gaming platform, Yahoo Moba-ge, with Yahoo Japan. The platform will spread services across PC and mobile.”

Virtual Worlds News ” DeNA expects continued growth, forecasting $576 million in revenue and and $276 million in operating income through the period ending in September. ”


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