Google gobbles up Slide

Social game and application developer Slide is acquired by Google. How will Google leverage Slide’s technology for their new Social Network? Articles and analysis from:

InventorSpot ” Google Wave was not the answer, whereas Slide and Zynga appear to be the right moves if Google is ever to gain traction in this space.”

TechCrunch ” And sources also tell us that this is not the last move Google is going to be making to cobble together a serious social gaming and apps strategy to counter Facebook.”

CNET ” Slide founder Max Levchin, one of the co-founders of PayPal, was one of the subjects in Lacy’s 2008 book, “Once You’re Lucky, Twice You’re Good: The Rebirth of Silicon Valley and the Rise of Web 2.0.”

Fortune ” SAI says the deal was closer to $228 million…still not an incredible return on the rumored $78 million in total venture capital it received.”

GigaOM ” If Google is really trying to go social and get on the social gaming bandwagon, this deal is comparable to buying a Kia and hoping it can help you race past a Mercedes AMG 65 on the Autobahn.”



Los Angeles Times

CNN Money


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