Online Games surpass e-mail as second most popular activity on the Internet.

An eye opening report by Nielsen indicates that more people are playing games than using email while on the Internet. Articles and analysis by:

MediaPost ” As social networks gain in popularity, so do online games. Social games like Zynga’s FarmVille continue to benefit from the trend. The online game segment became the second most heavily used medium behind social networks, accounting for 10% of all U.S. Internet time.”

USA Today ” Online games, led by Zynga’s wildly popular FarmVille, overtook personal e-mail to become the second most popular activity. Games accounted for 10% of time spent — eclipsing e-mail, which dropped to 8% from 11.5%.”

eConsultancy ” In June of last year, email was the most popular online activity, occupying 11.5% of people’s time online. Now it has been surpassed by both social media and online games”

Los Angeles Times ” Nielsen found that half of all Americans online spend time playing games like online-gaming Zynga’s explosively popular FarmVille. It was unclear if time spent playing games like FarmVille on Facebook significantly influenced how much time people spend on Facebook.”


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