An Open Letter to Hardcore Gaming Developers

” How Social Games Ate our Lunch” published by the Escapist is an outstanding analysis of the rise of social games and how the hardcore gaming community essentially missed the opportunity to cash in. From the article:

” FarmVille distills the active components of a game down to a handful of clicks, and massively leverages social and viral communication channels to create the feelings of shared mission and victory, all while carving out a player-expressed space in the online world.”

EXTRA! (Updated 08/08/2010) CNN provides another perspective on the shift to online gaming. From the article:

” Digital diversions built for new platforms like Facebook and the iPhone aren’t just designed to be played in completely different methods and manners. They’re meant to be enjoyed in different context and timeframes, and constantly updated and refined based on player feedback, defining them more as services than products.”


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