Clash of the Titans

The showdown between Facebook and Google has escalated into a battle. Google may be planning a serious assault on Facebook by creating its own social network stocked with cutting edge social games. Articles and analysis from:

Forbes ” Google is apparently talking to some of the leading developers of social games, which have rapidly grown in popularity and helped fuel Facebook’s surge to more than 500 million members. “

CNET ” But if Google wants to poke Facebook where it hurts, then yes, social gaming is a ripe target (and perhaps the ripest, considering Google’s tepid track record elsewhere in social media).”

Fortune ” What’s the attraction? Attendees of Fortune Brainstorm Tech this past weekend heard earfuls about how social games are transforming media and the Internet.”

MTV Blog ” Their social networking site Orkut got left in the shadows when Facebook rose to power, and though they probably don’t want to create a new Facebook clone, they do seem to want a piece of the social network king’s pie.”


The Wall Street Journal



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