Facebook Credits adds another Powerhouse

Social game and applications developer RockYou has signed on to use Facebook Credits exclusively as its Virtual Currency for a five year term. Articles and analysis from:

Gamasutra ” Facebook’s system allows players to acquire virtual currency that they can spend in any app or game that supports Credits, offering a more portable digital cash option than the numerous game- or publisher-specific virtual currencies that many titles employ.”

ReveNews ” The Facebook application economics are changing, and vendors who are exclusively tied to Facebook credits are at the risk of both short and long term fluctuations on the value of Facebook credits and at the mercy of any Facebook credits promotions run during the period of exclusivity”

StrategyEye ” The introduction of Facebook’s 30% revenue cut in late February has left  some developers reluctant to make a deal with the company. Facebook insists  it will use its cut to “invest heavily into the [credit] ecosystem.”

MediaPost ” In some tests, conversion rates have been higher than the 3% to 5% developers typically get. By partnering with Facebook early on Credits, RockYou hopes to benefit as the virtual currency evolves into an established payment system on Facebook.”

Games.com The Blog ” Now millions of players of these companies’ games will have to sign up for Facebook’s branded currency to buy in-game items, with 30% of the proceeds going to the social network.”

PR Newswire (Press Release)

EXTRA: Inside Social Games interviews RockYou about localization


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