Give Crowdstar Credit(s)

Social Game developer Crowdstar chooses to use Facebook Credits as their exclusive in-game virtual currency platform. Articles and analysis from:

Financial Times ” Facebook wants developers to start using Credits in a big way as it works to build a system similar to Apple’s iTunes, where users make lots of small purchases with a credit card kept on file.”

Forbes ” And though Facebook takes a cut of the virtual currency pie, Credits evangelists like CrowdStar say that using the unified virtual currency system has translated into increased overall sales.”

InsideFacebook ” While CrowdStar could be seeing the benefits of Credits from other factors, like improved interface design, its relationship with Facebook does look beneficial to the company.”

VentureBeat ” Terms were also not disclosed for the Crowdstar deal, but Hiro said that Crowdstar’s share of virtual currency transactions will be 70 percent. ”

Gamasutra ” The Ireland-based studio also says Credits plays a key role in its international expansion, as it’s the exclusive virtual currency used in the recently launched French, Italian, German, Spanish and Turkish versions of Happy Aquarium.”


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