FrontierVille debuts on Facebook

Zynga rolls out its newest social game “FrontierVille” on social networking giant Facebook. Articles and analysis by:

New York Times ” In FrontierVille, virtual pioneers will have to contend with dangers like bears, rattlesnakes and inclement weather.”

SFGate ” Zynga is hoping the “wild west” themed FrontierVille follows the success of FarmVille, the farm simulation game played by 70.2 million monthly users, and Treasure Isle, which since its April launch has attracted 24.6 million monthly active users. ”

TechCrunch ” FrontierVille is also putting a much bigger emphasis on its storyline. Soon after you start the game, you’ll encounter a letter from your betrothed who is stuck “out east” — it’s your job to build up your home and garden so that they can come out and join you.”

IGN ” Upon starting the game you can customize your avatar or have the game generate one randomly for you. Then you’ll find yourself on your plot of land with a covered wagon and a few crops.”

VentureBeat ” The depth of FrontierVille is in its social game play. In FarmVille, your friends could help you tend your crops and you might never pay them much attention. But helping others is key to the game play of FrontierVille. ”

GigaOM ” The new game, Frontierville, was designed by Brian Reynolds — who has worked on several landmark PC games such as Civilization II — and is the first social game to offer multiple characters or avatars for a user to control.”

USA Today Includes video and interview with Zynga East lead designer Brian Reynolds.

Gamsutra Includes interview with Zynga East lead designer Brian Reynolds.




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