SCVNGR “challenges” the Location Social Games market

New location based social game SCVNGR uses QR codes, online photos and geo-location in a format that combines the offline and online gaming worlds. Articles and analysis by:

MediaPost ” Pronounced “scavenger,” but spelled without the vowels, the location- and mobile-based social gaming platform goes beyond the check-in process like Foursquare to provide challenges that put the mobile phone owner in the game”

GigaOM ” SCVNGR is going for growth. User creators will be able to do everything companies and institutions could do to make new challenges around the 20 million locations loaded in the app, but they won’t have the same analytics and support tools as paying customers.”

TechCrunch ” SCVNGR CEO Seth Priebatsch acknowledges that this is already a crowded space with some very well-funded competitors, but he believes that this ‘challenge’ angle will be enough to differentiate SCVNGR from the rest of the pack.”

MarketWatch ” Top brands have signed up to play SCVNGR, adding their own fun, quick challenges to their favorite places. New companies and organizations building on SCVNGR include the Boston Celtics, Boston Globe, Journeys, New England Patriots, The New York Times, Universal Music Canada and Warner Bros.”

ZDNet ” One thing that sets SCVNGR apart from the rest of these social geo games is that you can you can build real-world rewards into your challenges. With Foursquare, it’s not as simple to create a reward for your venue.”


SCVNGR is part game, part game platform. Playing SCVNGR is all about going places, doing challenges and earning points. SCVNGR is played via a free iPhone/Android app. Any individual or enterprise can also build on SCVNGR by adding challenges at their favorite locations. SCVNGR is funded by Google Ventures and Highland Capital Partners. Visit to learn more.


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