Marvelous Team Up: Zynga meets Yahoo!

Social Gaming giant Zynga brings FarmVille, Cafe World and Mafia Wars to the massive online portal Yahoo! How will this impact other industry players like Playdom, PlayFish and Crowdstar? Articles and analysis by:

USA Today ” The deal allows Zynga to distribute its games to Yahoo visitors through the company’s application platform. Users will also be able to access game updates through a variety of Yahoo programs including Messenger and via e-mail.”

TechCrunch ” Today, Zynga has announced that it has forged a deal with Yahoo to feature its games throughout Yahoo’s network — a move that will put Zynga’s games in front of Yahoo’s 600 million users.”

MarketWatch ” Today’s partnership along with Yahoo!’s recently announced Facebook and Twitter relationships brings together social experiences from across the web and extends Yahoo!’s social strategy by providing multiple places across Yahoo! for people to play social games, access and share information, and connect with the people that matter to them the most.”

The New York Times ” For Yahoo, the deal gives it another way to get its massive audience to spend even more time on the site. For Zynga, it lets the startup hedge its bets and broaden beyond its dangerous dependence on Facebook.”

InsideSocialGames ” It makes sense for Zynga to want to diversify, regardless of its relationship with Facebook. Yahoo, like Microsoft, likely has some users who would like to play Zynga’s games but are not on Facebook.”

CNN ” Meanwhile, Zynga gets access to an enormous new userbase — some 600 million people according to Yahoo — and helps it diversify from its reliance on Facebook.”

The Business Insider ” This is a huge deal for both companies – and a smart one, too.”

The Los Angeles Times ” The Zynga games are the latest in a string of deals by Yahoo to beef up its content in a bid to maintain and grow its user base. It recently snapped up Associated Content.”

Gamasutra ” Yahoo EVP Hilary Schneider notes that the company “will also continue to work with other partners, developers and publishers to bring compelling innovations and experiences from across the web to our users.”


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