RealNetworks rolls out “GameHouse”

RealNetworks launches a new social gaming platform called GameHouse and also a new Facebook gaming portal containing 1,000 games. Articles and analysis by:

The Seattle Times ” Launch partners include Comcast, MySpace, Qualcomm, Mattel and Seattle-based PopCap Games.”

Technologizer ” The first big expression of Fusion is a new GameHouse on Facebook portal that’s launching today. It includes 1,000 existing games that have been given social features via Fusion–in many cases relatively basic ones such as the ability to share high scores, see what games your pals are playing, and share your own gaming profile.”

Financial Times ” It is adopting a platform strategy called GameHouse Fusion to spread its influence, aimed at giving game developers access to the 50m players a month it attracts to its own site, mobile phones and services it provides to customers such as Comcast.”

Los Angeles Times ” The company’s ambitious plans are to be a platform for online games that can be purchased once and played anywhere — whether it’s on Facebook, an iPhone or Android.”


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