iPad Gaming Gold Rush is On!

It is becoming clear that the iPad is going to spur amazing new developments in all types of new casual and social games. Articles and analysis by:

SFGate interviews PopCap execs John Vechey and David Roberts

VirtualWorldNews : “Zynga has purchased the domains FarmVilleAndroid.com, FarmVilleiPad.com, FarmVilleiPhone.com, and FarmVilleSMS.com according to information found by Internet sleuthing site Superannuation.”

More from TUAW.com and Wall Street Journal

Gamasutra ” At the iPad launch there were close to 60 games announced with many more in the works. Some have already estimated that the iPad App Store will make over $1billion by 2012″

USA Today ” Diehard and casual video-game lovers alike have reason to be bullish on the iPad.”

TheAppleBlog.com ” With the increased screen real estate of the iPad, it’s the perfect device for playing board games.”

PocketGamer.biz Interview with Cobra Mobile CEO Mark Ettle

CNET 20 Best iPad Games

Gamasutra discusses Apple’s decision to bring in longtime IGN Editor Matt Casamassina to review new iPhone and iPad games.

HoumaToday discusses how the iPad will change the way we watch TV.


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