Social Games: New Directions

IAB UK takes a look at where social games are today and where they are headed in the future.

” We can assume that the trends we’ve seen in virtual worlds will carry over into the social gaming world: an increase in interaction and self-expression will embed users more deeply into games.”

StrategyEye examines the rise of virtual goods.

” Though Facebook has arguably opened the door for the Virtual Goods market in the West, the pace and rate of change in this space, fuelled by the likes of Zynga, promises to establish a multi-billion dollar industry within just a few years.

Digital Chocolate Founder Trip Hawkins discusses the evolution of Social Gaming and the impact recent Facebook policy changes will have on the industry.

” Going forward, spammy isn’t going to cut it.  Shallow gameplay isn’t either; or games that don’t monetize.  Lack of funding for marketing will be another killer.  Walled gardens, or depending on any one platform will be a business liability and a negative for consumers.”

GameDaily analyzes Trip Hawkins’ observations

Update: 4/20 TechCrunch provides coverage of a social games panel at the Social Apps conference in San Francisco.

Update:: 4/22 The Guardian discusses Social Gaming from a female perspective.

Update: 4/24 GamePro editor John Davison says that Social Games are actually a throwback similar to the coin-op business model.


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