Apple unveils the Game Center

Apple rolls out its own social gaming platform called “Game Center”. The service will provide iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users social networking features integrated with gameplay. Articles and analysis from:

The Guardian ” Perhaps the most important element, though, will be app discovery. Users will be able to see what their friends are playing, creating an easy means of finding interesting new titles amid the tens of thousands on offer.”

MacNewsWorld ” Will Apple charge a yearly fee for Game Center, much like Xbox Live? No word yet. Developers get an early peek so they can work it into their gaming apps if they want to, but the rest of us who want to actually test-play its features won’t get that chance until sometime later this year.”

InsideSocialGames “The Game Center appears similar to the social layers that have been around for years on console games rather than ones driven by your existing relationships and communication channels.”

MobileBeat “Apple clearly made its move because it has been listening to the complaints of game makers, who have been successful with viral games on Facebook but have had a tough time on the iPhone.”

CNET ” The lack of details about the Game Center in Thursday’s keynote speech was likely not just due to time constraints, but to test the waters and gauge the reaction of developers. If the outlook from Ngmoco and OpenFeint are any indication, the Game Center was simply long overdue.”

PCWorld ” The Game Center announcement is an acknowledgement from Apple that the iPhone and iPod touch competes against traditional gaming platforms.”

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