Are Social Games the Killer iPad App?

The gold rush to capitalize on the newly released Apple iPad is on. Developers see an opportunity similar to the iPhone and the majority of new apps are for gaming.

The Washington Post ” OpenFeint X games include a chat wall where players can interact with each other, a newsfeed showing recent in-game activity, game nudges and a a full virtual goods store.”


NetworkWorld ” Ngmoco has a large game library, and their iPad releases reflect this diversity. GodFinger is a cartoonish god-simulator where you can create followers, move mountains, and either aid or strike down the citizens of the little planet you control.”

PRNewsWire Discusses EXO-Planet: “The app is a third-person shooter game designed exclusively for iPad where players compete in live zero-gravity combat on two unique space stations, affixing themselves to the walls and ceilings of magnetically-charged platforms.”

More from GamesBeat

PRNewsWire Discusses PopCap’s “Plants vs Zombies” game for the iPad: ” The Plants vs. Zombies HD app for iPad offers all 50 levels of Adventure and QuickPlay modes as well as Survival mode from the original Apple Macintosh and Windows PC game.”


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