BackChatter invades 2010 GDC

Arkadium, IDGA and Local No.12 launch Twitter based Social Game, “BackChatter” at the 2010 Game Developers Conference.

Articles by PRLog

” In BackChatter, players place bets on words that they predict will be popular in tweets about GDC.  Points are scored every time someone else tweets those words, with the added twist that the value of the word decreases when more people predict the same trend.  The players that score the most points each round and across the entire game win prizes such as $100 gift certificates.”

CNET ” BackChatter is a project created especially for the Game Developers Conference, using Twitter as the basis of what is being called a “massively multiplayer GDC game.” While that might conjure up images of World of Warcraft, the actual game uses the definition of a massively multiplayer game rather liberally.”


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