2010 Game Developers Conference

“There’s really no limit on social gaming, and I think even now as we predict just how big it is, we still have no idea how big it can go.”

—-  Brian Reynolds,   Chief Designer   Zynga

News and info from the 2010 Game Developers Conference. This post will be updated all week.

Forbes – Venture Capitalists discuss what types of social games they will invest in next.

GamePro provides multiple perspectives of social gaming

Vator News discusses Next Generation social games

1up discusses why social games are so hot at GDC 2010

VentureBeat covers a panel on social game developers

CNET offers multiple articles

Forbes reports on social game companies relationship with Facebook

CNET reports that veteran game developers are embracing social games because of the creative possibilities.

IGN discusses Namco Networks  United SDK for cross-platform social gaming

Gamasutra – Farmville has over 32 million daily users.

Gamasutra provides coverage of an  interesting venture capital panel

CasualGamer.biz provides a review of a Social Games panel at GDC 2010

VentureBeat provides last minute details and a schedule to GamesBeat@GDC

BBC News discusses the impact of social games

CNET covers various stories from GDC

CNN has a nice overview of the conference

Times Online discusses social gaming stealing the show

Times Online follow up

Gamasutra provides a primer with previews of a few panels

GamerLive.TV provides Epic video and some previews of various panels

PR Newswire – Press Release


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