It Pays to be Social

AdWeek discusses the migration of Casual game players to Social games on Facebook and other social networks.

” That viral nature also provides a major business advantage. “Customer acquisition costs are so low for social games,” explained Bart Barden, director of online marketing for game developer PopCap. “Yahoo has to buy ads to acquire users.”

Mercury News writes about the shift from console based games to social and mobile game platforms.

” The new platforms offer access to huge audiences. Facebook has some 400 million users worldwide. Apple’s sales of iPhone and iPod touch devices already have topped sales of Nintendo’s Wii.”

Times Online delves into the demographics of social game players on games  such as FarmVille.

” The most extraordinary statistic to emerge from the research into this fast-growing phenomenon is the profile of the “average” player of social videogames — namely, 43 years old and female. Young men barely get a look in — more than 60 per cent of people playing social games on Facebook are aged between 30 and 60.”

New Hampshire Sentinel Source breaks down the economics of FarmVille on Facebook.

” Reynolds did not disclose how many pennies per day Farmville generates. But if it’s a penny, one could conclude that it’s a $100 million-a-year game. Perhaps that’s why some have valued Zynga as a $3-billion company.” offers Fun Facts about social games.

” In the meantime, devoted players worldwide are shelling out billions to buy virtual items in these games. Yes, you read that right — we’re spending billions on games like FarmVille.”

The a list provides an interesting counter


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