gWallet rolls out Brand Bar

Social gamers can earn virtual currency by watching videos and partaking in other offers provided by gWallets’ new “Brand Bar” concept. Articles and analysis by:

PRWEB “The new, more enticing format for social gaming offers appears at the top of the game screen on all pages and displays available offers and videos that users can partake in to earn virtual currency which they can then spend in the game.”

TechCrunch “The “Brand Bar” is already live on more than a dozen online games, including those developed by Clipwire Games, Zen Gaming Inc., Poolhouse, FooMojo, Bubblefish, Mobscience, and Chat Republic Games.”
Biz Report “According to gWallet only about 4% of social gamers currently will ‘pause or leave the game’ to take advantage of offers. By allowing consumers to access offers from the game, there is the potential for more gamers to take part in the offers.”

VentureBeat “To get the currency, they have to watch a video ad by clicking on the Brand Bar, or they could make some kind of direct payment if they wish.”


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