The Race to Monetize on Facebook

Numerous companies ranging from Kwedit to Visa are racing to offer consumers the best virtual currency solution for playing social games and buying virtual goods on Facebook. Articles and analysis by:


CBC News

CNN profiles social gaming on Facebook

Blogging Stocks

CNET provides a comparison of the same social game (City of Eternals) running on Facebook vs off of Facebook.

TechCrunch analyzes Kwedit for social games

Geek With Laptop breaks down Kwedit

VentureBeat – Even more Kwedit analysis

PR NewsWire (Kwedit Press Release)

GamesBeat discusses new reports by Inside Network concerning social games and digital goods on social networks including Facebook. From the article:

” The report details how social game developers organize their teams and publish on a frequent update schedule, with numerous iterations aimed at getting more users to play and share the games. It also describes the mechanics and designs of social games and what makes them unique, as well as monetization trends.”

ReadWriteWeb discusses Facebook’s progression into a massive advertising platform

Mashable discusses three potential massive revenue streams for Facebook

Reuters discusses Facebook achieving “Technological Lock – In” status.

Flip The Media provides an overview of how social games hook players using the “compulsion loop”.

UPDATE: 02/18/2010 USA Today discusses report that values Zynga at $3 Billion in a few years. Also, a VERY interesting article from VentureBeat about how the traditional gaming industry sees the social gaming industry evolving.

UPDATE: 03/02/2010 ReadWriteWeb discusses report about estimates of Facebook earning 1 Billion in 2010. Additional coverage by CNET

UPDATE: 03/02/2010 Destructoid discusses the innovation of social games as developers “push the boundaries”


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