gWallet monetizes Social Games through video model

gWallet provides an innovative way for advertisers to offer social gamers virtual currency in exchange for watching videos. Gamers exchange time for currency to purchase additional virtual goods or obtain exclusive offers.

Thoughts: I have always thought the idea of people building up virtual currency points by watching commercials and filling out online polls in order to  get a free liter of soda or a free movie rental might work but the platform has never really been in place. Maybe engaging with ads on IPTV through Yahoo Widgets to get virtual currency? Is gWallet on to something huge?

gWallet also announces an investment fund targeting social game companies.

Articles and analysis by:

Vator News (FYI: video interview starts automatically).

” Once the wild west when it comes to monetization, the social gaming industry appears to be cleaning itself up. And, gWallet is hoping to be one of the companies to help monetize it in an upstanding, and not to mention, lucrative way.


” Chahal started San Francisco-based gWallet as an “ethical offer company.” Amid the controversy around scam-like offers, Chahal said gWallet will work with major brands to create offers that are legitimate and valuable to consumers.”


” The company declined to say how large the total investment fund was, but is aiming at minority investments ranging from $100,000 to $1 million per company.”


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